Role Playing
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What a strange game.
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A puzzle game about affection and how we perceive it
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A Virtual Boy game about the Virtual Boy
Visual Novel
Only for the most daring people
An educative dice game
Most minimalist drinking game possible
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A cards adaptation of Quadball (formerly known as Quidditch)
A fan game for the pop icon of the century
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Version maison satirique du Monopoly
Will you press space?
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Select the highest number
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Guess which WAP lyrics will be censored
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A Google Forms game about the best event on Earth
A puzzle-platformer about playing with shadows!
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Massage your friend's back with the vibrations of a controller
An original runner where you meet all your lovers!
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Possibly the best powerpoint game?

My Britney Games

31 Games in 31 Days

Games I created in a challenge of making (you guessed it) 31 games in 31 days

My JavaScript Games

Simple games I've made using Javascript. Some were programmed by me, others by Erwan LeBlanc.

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My Level design / Mods

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Great Puzzlescript Games

Puzzlescript discoveries that I thought were worth sharing. Showcases the range of possibilities with the engine.

Rhythm Games

A variety of rhythm games I recommend trying, most being quite experimental


Golf games with interesting takes, all very different from each other.

My School Projects

Games I've made in the Independant Video Game Design program at Dawson.