An FPS prototype done for school. Press space to start playing, and escape to get the cursor back.


-WASD: Move

-Left click: Shoot

-Shift: Run

-Space: Jump

Pretty standard for an FPS.

Match every possible couple in the room to get access to the next one. If you take too much time to complete a room, couples will start to break up (they fall out of love just as in real life)! You can shoot them to "replenish" their love, just as in real life. People with grey shirts are aromantic, that's why they cannot be shot! (We will make it clearer in future iterations, if there is any)

Rafiki: Programmer and game designer

Andreas Kapogiannatos: Level designer and texturer

James Kane: Level designer

Shima Rastegarnia: 3D modeller

Marcello Folco: 3D modeller and integrator


Download 46 MB

Development log


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ELE Haha That was fun
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Wow, thanks a lot for recording that and sharing it with me! I'll share it with my teammates :D

It was done in 3 weeks for a school project, so we did not get any time to do any playtesting (other than playing it ourselves), so it's very nice to see someone else play it! It's very instructive too :) 

If you want, I worked on another game about love. I recommend reading the instructions below, but you do what you want:
Thanks again :D This really makes my day!