A 2-players game in which you have to stay together! 


WASD or left joystick: Move Player 1

Arrows or right joystick: Move Player 2

That's it! Try to get the highest score 8)


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NeverGonnaGiveDoggoUp.zip 23 MB


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I loved the game, but its the art that won me over. Its so pure and fun.

Aww, you're pure and fun <3


I've had one of the players get stuck in a corner, sometimes. Usually when an object would push and squeeze them into a corner.

Thanks for the feedback! We did the game in 2 days, and I wasn't able to fix that (I think there's no workaround with it, and I should use Raycasts to detect collisions proprely). 

I like this one, so I'll most probably get back to it at some point and fix that nasty bug :)

There should be a button where you can pet the dog to get double points but you can't move. Both players have to press the key at the same time. 

Hmm yes, petting the dogs should always be mandatory in games that feature them. 

...Plus the way you suggest we implement it really works with the design in place, so that's great!