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Make sure everyone has a partner!

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Tags2D, Funny, love, Minimalist, polyamory, PuzzleScript, Romance, Short, Singleplayer, Twine


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Why isn't there any sound ?

No specific reason :) I rarely think about audio when making games, that is all


Very thought-provoking! It's very clever how the game acknowledges the existence of gay (and eventually poly) relationships, but doesn't quite treat them equally. You have to literally force two men together until the game acknowledges that yes, they're in love. Let alone two women.

It's very adversarial - I feel as if I'm sitting opposite someone well-intentioned but a bit slow, who keeps missing the point, and who insists against all evidence that they're not being homophobic. I'm amazed that you got such personality across within the mechanics of a block-pushing puzzle.


Thank you! This comment really warms my heart <3 


completed ^_^

Cool! Thanks for playing, Mati :)