Click on the right number of players and computing option. Then:

Enter – Roll the dice/Start a new game
Space – Go back to the settings (at the end of a match only)

Quadratic Fun is a parody of traditional dice games. Many of them have somewhat elaborate rules (add all even numbers, subtract all odd numbers, the one with the highest score wins) only to end up being a single-throw game 100% relying on luck. After playing dozens of them, I gave myself the exercise to make the weirdest, most complicated dice game of this style. 


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Weird and different idea, I guess it's more fun when you play dice games more. With the lack of graphics, it's a very "dry" game, you need to be focused to best enjoy playing it. I guess the option to have many players is nice.

If you're interested, you'd be welcome to enter our game-making contest!


Having graphics and juicing it up would definitely help making the  experience more enjoyable! I might look into that in the future :)